A Purposeful Pathway
A Purposeful Pathway
Strategic Framework
A Message From the President

A Message From the President

For ninety years, Edgewood College has designed and delivered educational experiences to meet the needs of students, families, and communities. Remaining strong and relevant for that length of time requires a few characteristics…perhaps none more important than a commitment to core values and a willingness to apply those values differently as the world changes.

That sounds easier than it is. Organizations that lose their commitment to core values find themselves adrift, wandering whichever way the wind blows rather than keeping a steady course. On the other hand, those that fail to adapt to changes in the world around them can quickly become irrelevant.

In this issue of the Magazine, you’ll find specific examples of how Edgewood College continues to pursue the values articulated by our Sinsinawa Dominican sponsors—community, compassion, justice, partnership, and the search for truth—in service of our world today. In particular, you’ll see:

  • How the strategic framework—developed by our campus community—outlines how our College will apply those values anew in response to a rapidly changing world.
  • How alumni like Amber Smid and Ty Williams are applying what they learned at Edgewood College in building a more just and compassionate world
  • How faculty and staff like Atreyee Sinha are responding to emerging community needs

I am confident that no one ninety years ago anticipated what Edgewood College would become today. And I suspect that ninety years from now, the College will be different in ways we cannot possibly imagine. But I bet the Edgewood College of 2107-08 will still be living out those core values in a way that meets the needs of that time…whatever that might look like.

Thank you for your support…I hope you enjoy this issue!