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'Beyond Mountains are Mountains'
Olivia Bunz '16
A Message From the President

A Message From the President

Ninety years. By almost any definition, that’s a long time! It’s amazing to think about how Edgewood College has grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of our world over the past 90 years.

Our most recent strategic framework is built around three key themes: student learning, inclusion, and community impact. These concepts are certainly not new to Edgewood College—each has been a common theme throughout the College’s history, and they are directly related to the College’s Dominican Catholic identity and our foundation in the liberal arts.

Importantly, though, those themes weren’t arrived at by looking back. Instead, we chose them as a way to look forward…as the College’s best way to achieve our vision:

Edgewood College will be an inclusive model of learning, teaching, and scholarship. Our students, alumni, faculty, and staff will be recognized for their pursuit of purposeful lives, vibrant and sustainable communities, and a just world.

As you read through this Magazine, then, please consider it as both a reflection of where we’ve been and a clear sign about where we are going. Among other things, you’ll read about students and alumni doing outreach in Haiti, engaging to increase college attendance, and utilizing technology to improve access to health care. These are terrific illustrations of the many ways in which members of the Edgewood College community are engaged in the pursuit our vision describes.

I am proud every day to be involved with a learning community with such a singular and noble purpose. I hope that you share that pride as you look through these stories.

For 90 years, Edgewood College has contributed to building a just and compassionate world. Thanks for being a part of that history—and for your support as we look forward to the next 90 years!

Scott Flanagan